Trailer release Ghosttown - Victims of Voodoo

Trailer release Ghosttown - Victims of Voodoo

POSTED: 14-10-2015

Check out the trailer for Ghosttown - Victims of Voodoo!
November 14th, Central Studios Utrecht

A frightening demonic black magic ritual
Nerve systems wrecked by a cruel individual
Controlled by possession in all things you do
Accursed by the priest, you're a victim of voodoo!


» Area 1, Early Hardcore:
Partyraiser, Jappo vs. Lancinhouse (IT), MD&A Live, Delirium (USA), Chosen Few, Paralizer vs. F#ckface, Painbringer vs. Putty vs. Tec-9, Bountyhunter (BE), MC Joe

» Area 2, Millennium & hardcore:
Destructive Tendencies (UK), AniMe (IT), Dyprax vs. Bodyshock, Unexist (IT), J.D.A., Headbanger, MC Axys

» Area 3, Oldschool / Vinyl only:
The Darkraver, Rob, Panic, TMC

Music used in trailer: MD&A feat Natski - Victims of Voodoo (BZRK 043)


Tickets for Ghosttown 2015 are available at or at a Primera store. Tickets price is 28,50.


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